Kim Smith

Need a writer?

Look no further. My name is Kim, and I love working with words. I’ve been writing professionally for the past 25 years. My most recent experience involves writing news articles for online websites about topics that range from health to politics to the occasional oddity. I have also written copy for non-profit websites and consumer advocacy organizations.

Over the years, I have learned that being flexible is an important part of the freelancing life because change is inevitable. 

If you need concise copy that gets to the point without any filler, then I'm your girl.


Web copy and content  
Blog posts


In short, my rates depend on the complexity of  the task at hand. An in-depth long-form article that requires quite a  bit of analysis will cost more than a shorter article that requires  significantly less research.  

Rates for writing packages vary as well. Would you like a consistent voice for all of your business communications? Do you need blog posts as well  as newsletters? Do you need content on a weekly or monthly basis? All of these factors help determine what I charge. I may not quote you the cheapest rates, but my fees guarantee you will get professional results -- and my undivided attention throughout the process. 

Contact me about your next project.


Because websites have a tendency to come and go without much warning, I've provided PDFs of some of my published articles. This is just a small sample of my work. If you'd like to see more or some of my long-form articles, please let me know.

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