If you need a reliable writer with experience and expertise, you're at the right place. With more than 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, I bring diversity to the table. My recent career highlights include reporting on breaking news, trending topics, and just about everything under the sun. My writing appears on several national websites including Health Digest, Grunge, House

Digest, and Pissed Consumer. I know what it takes to produce trustworthy content that satisfies readers and customers.

My diverse background gives me an edge, because I've learned process information quickly. My writing career began working at a national publications company in the book department. Over nine years, I appeared in more than 20 home decor books including Christmas Cheer, In the Nick of Time, and Sew-No-More Home Decor. This experience taught me how to grasp news ideas quickly while also making complex information easy to understand. 

At a time when you can have AI spit out content in mere seconds, why would you ever need to hire a human writer? Because while AI is fast, it’s still not human. Customers and readers can usually sense when content created by a robot. Sometimes it doesn't matter, but sometimes it does.  And when you decide it matters, let me know what you need. With me, you'll get experience, expertise, and an authentic voice. 

Need proof? Check out my portfolio.

Kim Smith

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